Sunday, July 19, 2009

Introducing The Blog With Metadata

Hi all.
This blog is for Java and J2EE related queries. Those of you who are newbie to Java and want to learn can make use of this blog. Also useful for the developer that wants solution to some problems. Here, what i post is either i learnt it by my experience or the gurus of java. If i write any code, that is well tested at my end.

So let's not much wait, and start with metadata. The graduates always learn this definition- "data about data is metadata", with vague examples. The definition really worths million. But how about understanding?

Let's understand with this simple definition --

A Data = Combination of Attributes [Attributes are column in a table]
= Unique Attributes + NonUnique Attributes

In this a particular combination of "Unique Attributes" defines a particular kind of data. Hence "Unique Attributes " are nothing but metadata.

Suppose a customer goes to a store of laptop. Now in that store there are several kind of lapy are available. Now customer says i want, laptop made by "hp", with processor "intel core duo", hard disk "320 gb', ram "4 mb". Another customer wants laptop made by "dell", with processor "intel core duo", hard disk "320 gb', ram "3 mb".

Notice the italic words. This is the main four combination that generally defines a laptop. In this if any one them gets changed that defines another new product.

I think this is fair enough to understand. If you feel more on this please write me. I ll get back to you with much detailed and better example.

Please feel free to write comments on the topic.
I think your comments will give another way to think me and to provide qualitative articles.